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Have your kiddos ever said/done something funny or cute?

We thought so.
For Instance!
After getting off a roller coaster, I asked my son,
"Was your heart in your throat?"
My son replied, "My stomach was in my pants!"
4 yr old boy: "Well where is the Milky Way Galaxy?....
Maybe it's behind some bushes."
"Are there chemicals in my carseat?"
Mommy: "Hmmm...why do you ask?"
"Cuz I'm licking it. I'm trying to eat it."
We’d LOVE to sprinkle
our childrens stories
It’ll give us parents a chuckle
when we read to them.
Hi! We’re Evie & Ryan Larkin.

I’m a mom who wants to show her kiddo that you can do just about anything, if you’re willing to work hard and be consistent.

Sooo.....I’m learning how to illustrate, even though this time last year I only knew how to draw stick figures! I’ve made some progress as I try to draw a little each day, but have a ways to go. My son is learing to draw alongside me.

We are writing an entire series of children’s books together, with a cast of characters called the sunnyville buddies. Children, animals and parents alike are friends all together!

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